Oliver West State Library Quest!

What is this about?

Oliver is taking a trip around the US and wants to donate a book to a public library in each state.  He needs your help though! This is a BIG deal!

How it will work:

There is ONE gift-pack per state. To participate, be the first to claim your state by filling out the claim form below. I will contact you to let you know if your state is still available. (You can check the map too because I’ll be coloring it in to keep it updated)! 

Once I give you the green-light to proceed, you will have 14 days to order the book from Amazon and donate it to a public library in your state. Take photos of the donation process. Make it fun! It can be a picture of you handing the book to the librarian, the book on the library steps or whatever you can think of. Be original! 

After you submit those photos with the name of the library branch and state, I’ll send you a gift-pack that includes a signed copy of the book, the activity book, a bookmark, a sticker and a map for you or the kids to follow along and color-in as each state is completed! Whew! That’s a nice gift! You will also get a shout-out on Instagram and Facebook with a BIG thank you for participating!

That’s not all!

The sooner you jump in, the more prizes you can win! There will be drawings as more states are completed. After the first 10 states are donated there will be a prize drawing. We will draw for prizes at the 10th and 25th state level and the final prize will be drawn after the 50th state is completed. There will be other drawings as the Road Trip progresses. So, be sure to take fun photos! (We may be judging those too!)

What if my state is already “claimed” but I want to take part?

Great! Let me know that you want to play too. Order the book on Amazon, donate and send photos just like those above. You won’t get the state gift-pack but you WILL be put into a separate drawing for different prizes!

What if I want to donate other books?

That’s awesome! Donating a copy of Oliver West! It’s Time to Get Dressed! will earn the initial entry but each additional copy that you donate or any other new children’s book that you donate will get you another prize entry. As a matter of fact, I will be highlighting different children’s books throughout this campaign to give you ideas for other books to donate!

Why are you doing this?

The libraries need our help! Most public libraries are responsible to find their own funding. They do this by fundraising as well as receiving grants from local businesses. My local library system holds book-sales, a golf outing, a holiday gala and many other events to raise library awareness as well as funds to keep it running. Many folks think the libraries get a lot of government funding and that’s just not the case. 

Why are libraries so important?

Literacy is the one most important thing a person needs to be able to successfully navigate life. There are many parents who cannot afford to buy books for their children. The library is a place that children can borrow books to read at no cost to them. There are also many learning programs for children and adults. Take a look at your local library calendar!

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